Wednesday: 2.65 mile swim, 6.65 mile run

Today was the first time I swam in Lake Monona since the morning of September 14, 2007 - my third post in my blog (the IM swim is in Lake Monona). I swam with the Swimfast group, and we were all on the lookout for a floater...the missing swimmer they haven't found yet.

The water was really choppy tonight so it was a tough swim. I got a little tired and my left foot cramped up a lot in the middle of the swim. On the way back though, I swam close to the terrace where it was really rough because the waves bounce off the terrace walls (it was so rough I almost lost my swim cap...never had that happen before). It was really fun and I swam pretty well. I felt strong and aggressive.

My lunch run didn't go that well. I have a little tightness in my right IT band and my left knee was really sore afterwards. I can't decide if it's just from high running volume the past few weeks or if it's my new shoes. I'm going to take it easy the next few days and hope it's just a little overtraining and all I need is some rest.

I'm trying to watch the open water 10K swim on nbc.com and it keeps buffering. I hate live online video. So far I've only seen about 30 seconds of the race...however the commercials played with no buffering , of course.

This is how they hand the swimmers food and water...

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