Open Water

Today I did my first open water swim of my "official" Ironman training. I got up early and swam 1.2 miles in Lake Monona. I was hoping there would be a few others out there so I wouldn't have to swim alone - because swimming alone in open water really freaks me out - but no such luck. It was just me and the ducks. One of the ducks swam beside me a little ways so I quacked at him. He was not impressed. One thing I've noticed is that the ducks are thoroughly unimpressed with my impersonations of them.

The swim went well. A little chilly at first as it was only about 50 degrees this morning. But once I got into a rhythm it was good. My shoulders weren't as fatigued as they were the first time I swam in my wetsuit so that was encouraging. I need to work on my form since it's still inconsistent. It comes and goes, but that's still a huge improvement over the beginning of the year when I swam like a spaz.

I found out the deal with my wheels. I called Reynolds and it turns out they thought they were just show samples when they built them. They didn't know anyone was going to ride on them. That explains why they weren't true. They want me to send the wheels back so they can fix them.

Big weekend of working out ahead of me. Tomorrow I go for a long ride followed by some weight lifting. Sunday is swimming and a long run. I'm really looking forward to the long run. I haven't done many long runs since I was training for the Rock N Roll Marathon last winter.

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