One millimeter

Dennis said something interesting at work the other day. He said he raised his saddle a bit and his knees hurt so he lowered it 1 mm and the pain went away.

Hmmmm....I raised my saddle a little bit a few weeks ago too. I forgot about that.

So I lowered it 1 mm and went for a 56 mile ride Saturday. No knee pain, no IT tightness. It's amazing the difference 1 mm can make. I also went over my bike, cleaned it and put on my 12-27 rear cassette (vs. my 12-25) so I have an easier gear for the steeper climbs. That will help me spin a little faster on the climbs and take the tension off my knees. It helped for the Horribly Hilly last year.

This was a great route, with some really good roads - smooth, fast, little traffic, rolling hills - but I think I'm going to make a few changes to it and then it will be an awesome Spirit of Racine training course. There are a few rough roads I'd like to cut out, and I need to find a gas station about half way so I can get some water. Other than that I was really surprised how nice the route was. I got lucky.

The ride starts off with this hill from the Pennycook route Cheri and I have been doing the past few weeks. It's an 18% grade...

Here's Cheri looking a little nervous the first time she had to climb it. She didn't fear walking the hill (which she didn't have to do) so much as tipping over or crashing into the gully on the right side of the road.


I know extended forecasts are never accurate, but I'm hoping this one holds up. My ideal weather for the race would be a high of 68-70, light winds, partly cloudy. I'm convinced hurricane Gustov is going to screw up our weather somehow and it's going to be cold and rainy - 06 style.

Today I'm off to swim in Lake Andrea one last time this year and then run a few laps around the lake.

Monday - Rest day

Tuesday - Swim, short run

Wednesday - Bike, short run

Thursday - Gatorade swim, easy bike, easy run

Friday - Rest

Saturday - very short warm up workout

Sunday - Race day

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bigmike600 said...

Sounds like you owe Dennis a beer.

That route is similar to one of the ones we ride.

I agree on that Gustav comment. I see it as coming on shore and for sure messing with our weather. However when Katrina hit, I remember our weather was really nice and we never got anything from it.