What hurts me must be good for me...

I said once before that I think my torn tendon last fall turned out to be good for me. It made me back off a bit and focus on base miles all winter, which is critical before moving on to speedwork and high intensity workouts. I like to skip base miles. In the end, I built a good base and ended up faster because of it...and injury free.

It also kept me from getting burned out by doing too much too soon.

Today I was thinking about my knees and IT band, and I think it might be good for me. It's not an injury, but I'm thinking of it as an injury scare. I'm walking a fine line right now and I need to take it easy to avoid an injury, which is what you're supposed to do during your taper so this might all work out. Now that I fear injury, I'm afraid to do a tough workout before IM. Just like I was forced to do base miles all winter, I'm forced to taper right now. The base miles worked out, so I'm hoping this works out too.

More or less, getting hurt has worked out for me. Pain is good for me. With that said...

I've read about foam rollers before, and today I decided to buy one. They're supposed to be like a deep tissue massage and work out the tightness and knots in your muscles. So I went to Dick's and bought a $.20 piece of foam for $25. It comes with a DVD that shows you some exercises to massage your muscles. Basically, you just roll back and forth on it.

So if pain is good for me, this thing is phenomenal. It's better than vegetables or Cheerios.

Seriously, the IT band roll is excruciating. I could not believe how painful that was. After that, the Ironman is going to be a cake walk.

Wheel update: I e-mailed Crono Metro first thing this morning. They open at 11 so I figured I probably wouldn't hear from them until early afternoon. At exactly 11, I got a call from their mechanic. He said if I bring them in tomorrow, he'll look at them Wednesday morning. Those guys are awesome. Best shop in town.

So I'm feeling a little better now. I think I'll be able to get my wheels fixed and I have a plan for my knees...every night this week: ice bath, foam roller, stretching, core workout.

12 days and counting....


Unknown said...

I have one of those.....I cry just looking at it. But it works.

bigmike600 said...

Good call on the foam. One of the SWAT guys is an orthopaedic doctor at Mercy and that is one of the things he swears by.
I am thinking about getting a tri bike next year and I have never been to crono metro but they seem like experts in everything. I should go and check them out.
See you guys next weekend. We should get together and hang out if it fits in your schedule. I don't know what your plans are being that since you live in Madison you can just go to the expo and go home and chill out.
Talk to you later.

Anonymous said...

this has been a miracle worker for me... it hurts but it's worth it!