Cold-blooded killers

Back to work. *sigh*

I opened Outlook and watched my mailbox fill up. 111 e-mails. Four of them included pictures of d
ead mice. The guys decided to set up traps and catch some mice while I was on vacation.

Then I noticed a trap under my desk. I was sure I would step on it before the end of the day, but no... I avoided it. I sometimes take my sandals off at work, but I think I'll leave them on while that trap is under my desk.

If you didn't catch the women's triathlon on nbc.com last night, here are a few pics...

Tonight the men's race is on live at 9pm on nbc.com if - like me - you have nothing better to do with your time. My prediction for the top 3....Gomez, Docherty, Kemper.

Only one day into my taper and I'm already bored. Good thing I have a race this weekend...Silver Lake Triathlon...a sprint tri. Probably not a good idea this close to Ironman, but I'm already signed up and I had a lot of fun at this one last year so I'm looking forward to racing it again. Plus this will be the first triathlon that I've done before so I actually have a time to beat.

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bigmike600 said...

Good Luck this weekend. I watched the tri on nbc.com last night. It was pretty cool. I was expecting someone to go way ahead on the bike but it never happened. Also I did not know that drafting was legal in the olympic triathlon.

Last night of banging out laps at Rockport tonight for me too. I sort of miss that come December.