January's over...finally

The good news: the worst month of the year is over. The bad news: the second worst month of the year starts tomorrow.

I've been biking indoors for 8 weeks now, and I think I'm going insane. Unfortunately, I probably have about 6 more weeks of indoor riding before I can ride outdoors. At least I can run outside, although I'm getting really tired of the cold.

I was looking at my workout log from last January, and I definitely stepped things up this year... a lot. Last year I biked 195 miles (not all of them indoors), and I ran 21 miles. That included a half marathon. I ran twice in January before the half marathon, and didn't run at all afterwards. In fact, I didn't run again until April so I'm way ahead of last year. I didn't do any swimming last January. Here are my numbers this year:

Swim: 33,950 yards (19.2 miles)
Bike: 441 miles
Run: 80 miles

If I stick to my Feb schedule, those numbers should increase. That should give me a pretty good base for spring so I can step up the intensity without getting injured.

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