A heat wave, a tropical heat wave...

Yep, we're having a heat wave here in sunny, southern Wisconsin. It was a scorcher today, topping out at a steamy 30 degrees. Tomorrow it's supposed to be in the mid 40s...again. That will be the second time this January we've hit the 40s. It has been a strange winter. Record snowfalls for Dec, record highs in January, dense fog that caused a 100-car pileup (although you could blame the moron that stopped in the middle of the Interstate), a January thunderstorm, then sub-zero temps and now we're back up to the 40s. Very strange.

The picture is from the vacation Cheri and I took to sunny Jamaica. Unfortunately, there won't be any vacations this year. It's all about the Ironman this summer, and I'm lucky enough to have a very supportive girlfriend who not only understands but actually pushes me to keep up with my training and get my workouts in (especially all those damn core workouts she makes me do). There aren't too many guys who have wives/girlfriends that support them like that. Since she's going to have to put up with my IM training all summer, I told her we'll finally go see Italy next year. She's always wanted to go to Italy, so that's the plan. No vacation this year, but a very memorable one next year.

I just finished up week 6 of training. Everything went well. No missed workouts and I felt pretty good all week. A little tired at times, but not bad.

Week 6 Stats
Total time: 14:04:40
Swim: 3:30 (8500 yards)
Bike: 7:04:24 (125 miles)
Run: 3:30:16 (23 miles)

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Anonymous said...

you take that great girlfriend of yours to Italy via London. better start filling out that passport form now...