Blame Canada

Today, I finally threw in the towel. I admit defeat. Winter wins. It always does.

I tried to fight off the winter depression by focusing on my workouts and running outdoors this winter. I thought if I kept busy the great winter depression wouldn't hit. But it's relentless.

I was doing a decent job, but this cold spell we're in finally got the best of me. Saturday's run was below zero. Monday, it was about 14 degrees when I ran at lunch but I was colder than I was on Saturday because I didn't dress as warm and it was snowing so my face was wet. Today, it was 15 degrees when I ran, and the wind got to me and my right ear was really hurting by the end of the run (despite that, it was a great run).

I can't take it anymore. I want to bike outside. I want to run in shorts. I want to feel the warm sunshine. I want to worry about sunburns instead of frostbite.

I'm tired of peeling icicles off my face after my run. I'm tired of the trainer. I'm tired of chlorine. I'm tired of winter jackets (I probably shouldn't complain about this since I just got out my winter jacket 3 days ago) and snow covered roads. I'm tired of the sun setting at 5 pm.

To all the people who enjoy winter: I don't get it. I don't understand how anyone can enjoy this miserable season.

But I don't blame Mother Nature. I blame Canada. All of our cold air comes from them, and it's time to build a wall to keep the cold out.

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abby said...

oh come on...if you moved to florida, you'd miss the cold.

it's in your blood