Coffee and Chlorine

I noticed a few weeks ago that the pool has a few lap lanes open in the morning, so today I decided to get up early and swim before work. I've been a little hesitant to swim in the mornings because I didn't know if I could get a good swim workout in that early and I know a lot of people like to swim in the morning so I thought there might be a lot of people fighting over 2 lanes.

I got to the pool at 6 am, and discovered there was only one other lap swimmer there plus the boy's swim team. I had a lane to myself. Nice. The locker room was clean. No pretzels in the shower. No little kids swimming. No parents in the bleachers. It was great. I didn't have any problems getting in a good workout, so I think I'm going to swim in the mornings a lot more. It's open Monday through Thursday and it's rarely closed in the mornings so it should be easier for me to stick to my schedule. Good deal.

The only problem is that coffee and chlorine don't mix well.

Timetrialapalooza Night: Brutal, brutal workout tonight. I adjusted my power zones from last time because I felt I didn't push hard enough in the first 3 TTs. I figured I could do a little more. I was right, but barely. I hit all of my goals (both power and cadence), but it was really tough. My legs were a little shaky after the workout. To celebrate a good workout, I bring you some entertainment...

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