The right direction

The temp: -2. The run: 45 minutes. The gear: everything I own.

Believe it or not, it wasn't that bad. I actually overdressed and was sweating a lot. And those lobster gloves are so ridiculously warm my hands were soaked with sweat the whole time.

It wasn't my best run ever, but I didn't die out there which is all I was really hoping for. After my run, Cheri had lunch ready for me. Excellente.

This morning, before my run, I competed in the second indoor TT at SBR Coaching. It went well, but I didn't quite hit my goal. I think my goal was a little too lofty so I'm pretty happy with my performance. I started with a better warm up this time. I rode for about a half hour with a 5 minute interval at my threshold power and a 2 minute interval at about 20% above my threshold. This really helped because the effort of the TT didn't feel as tough since I had already hit those power levels in my warm up.

I paced myself better this time and played it smart. I went out a little slower and let my power build up. I wanted to average 300 watts, but I fell a little short. I finished with a 292 average, which is up from 277 at the first TT. I dropped 16 seconds off my time and ended with a 16:20. And I weighed in at 2 pounds less, so I increased my power to weight ratio so I'm headed in the right direction.

Last time I finished in 3rd place, but this time I'll end up in 5th or worse. One guy in the first heat beat my time, and 3 guys in the 3rd heat beat my time. One of the guys in the 3rd heat was an animal and finished in 15:17. or 15:18. He averaged almost 400 watts and just short of 25 mph. It was an impressive ride, that's for sure.

There are 2 more Indoor TTs so I think I'm going to try to bring my time down to around 16:10 next time and then see if I can break 16 minutes on the last one. No chance of catching the leaders and taking home some cash...unless they don't show up.


Burrito Eater said...

That best be your new hub photo at work! Rock that!

abby said...

the lobster gloves are awesome!