Week 3 Recap

I should start by saying that I am now officially signed up for Ironman Wisconsin. When you sign up in person, they give you a certificate that you use to finish your registration online a few weeks later. Basically you just get a guaranteed spot. I finished up my registration the other day so I'm committed now. It's official.

I went for a slow 9 mile run today and felt surprisingly good since my legs were very tired and sore this morning from yesterday's workout. After the run I was moving pretty slow and had some pain in my left Achilles tendon that I'm concerned about. I looked it up online and it could be Achilles tendinitis, which would be appropriate since I have to see the doc tomorrow for the tendinitis in my knee. I'm really hoping it's nothing because I'm getting sick of injuring myself running. Again, no pity from anyone. All Cheri had to say was, "You signed up for this. I have no pity for you and your choices you silly, silly man." Don't get me wrong, she's very supportive of this and helps keep me motivated. She just doesn't pity me. (I warned you this would make my blog)

After 21 days of training, tomorrow is my first rest day. The rest of next week is a recovery week so I'll only do about 8 hours of training. Some of it will be high intensity, but most will be at a moderate to low intensity to give my body a little time to heal itself. Even though I'm sore and tired right now, I really want to swim tomorrow. I thought I would be really happy to get to my first rest day, but I'm actually a little disappointed I don't get to work out tomorrow. I'm looking forward to week 5 when I get to turn it up a few notches again.

Week 3 stats:
Time: 15:32:30
Swim: 4800 yards
Bike: 130.08 miles
Run: 25.53 miles


Burrito Eater said...

Man, you are crazy, not wanting to take a rest day. I find that when running legs are sore that you should do your runs of a treadmill which gives you much more cushion and can help heel up things.

11 months to go, no need to kill yourself (yet)!

Unknown said...

Hey Hungry,
Congrats on getting into the Ironman! I'm in too and very excited. Hope to see you on the bike paths, or the road to Paoli, or in Lake Monona over the next year. Best of luck!

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