It's On!

I'm 3 days into my training. So far I've logged a total of 57.5 miles - 5 hours of training. I've swam 1.2 miles, biked 49.3 and run 7. So far it's going well, but it's not without challenges. I have tendinitis in my left knee which has been giving me quite a bit of pain in the past few months. It doesn't affect my workouts and doesn't slow me down so I'm not too worried about it. I'm supposed to go in for physical therapy so hopefully that will help and the pain will disappear before the first of the year. The other challenge...my wheels. The spokes came loose again today...even after taking them to the bike shop to be professionally trued. They're awesome wheels, but this is the 3rd time the spokes have come loose. You'd think a $3500 wheelset would be trouble free....you'd think.

So far the only workout I've done worth talking about was last night. I did my first brick workout of my Ironman training...many more to come. I haven't done a brick in a while, and it felt great. I pushed hard on the bike and learned a little more about training with power. The power meter is like a video camera. You get to see the real story, and it's not always the same as your perception of the truth. I noticed I tend to back off when riding into a headwind. It felt like I was working harder, but my watts dropped from 240 to 180. So I stepped it back up to 240 and tried not to think about the wind. This power meter is definitely going to take my training to next level. I forgot how tough the bike to run transition can be. I felt sluggish and slow on the run. I can tell I haven't been running much lately. Time to step it up and get some miles in. Here are the stats:

Miles = 24.26
Time = 1:14:47
Ave Speed = 19.45 mph
Max Speed = 33.18 mph
Average Watts = 212
Max Watts = 757
Ave HR = 147
Max HR = 168

Miles = 3.51
Time = 27:33
Pace = 7:51
Ave HR = 153
Max HR = 167

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