Road Closed

Did my Gibbs Lake route again today. It's typically a good route with nice roads, very little traffic and a few decent parks for rest stops if needed. But today...road closed was the theme. Twice I had to bike through gravel, and one of the stretches was about a mile and a half long. Lots of errant squirrels too. It was treacherous out there.

But overall it was a decent ride. I can't complain. The ride started with about 8 miles on the Ice Age Trail where I spotted the racing sausages. I need to start riding with a camera cause that was a perfect photo opp. Then I headed out to Gibbs Lake where I took a rest stop to go to the bathroom and eat a Clif bar. I wish Gibbs Lake was better for swimming because it's so peaceful out there and the water is so clear. But the seaweed growth is ridiculous and the water is so calm I wonder what the bacteria levels are like. After a quick break, I headed over to Evansville and then back to Janesville where I caught the Ice Age Trail and headed home. And Moe had some pizza buckets ready for me. Mmmmmm......love the buckets.

After scarfing down some buckets, Moe and I headed to Lab to lift weights. There's nothing like a leg workout after biking 70 miles. Needless to say, this was not one of my better workouts. I actually took it pretty easy since I haven't lifted since March and I don't want to be too sore tomorrow.

Since Moe wants credit for cooking dinner for me, I should mention she made me a great sketti dinner.

Distance = 69.66 miles
Time = 4:15:09
Ave Speed = 16.5 mph
Max Speed = 36.3 mph
Ave Watts = 154
Max Watts = 871
Climbing = 2426 feet
Ave HR = 132
Max HR = 162

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