A Proper Flogging

 If I were a shark, I think I'd have really dull teeth.  At least that's how I feel at masters.  I swim in the advanced lane so I guess that would make me a shark (going by the classification system the Y used when I was a kid - I started as a minnow and now that I'm 35 I've finally made it to shark) but I get absolutely destroyed in that lane.  It's brutal.  It's a beating.  A proper flogging as some might say. 

You're probably wondering why I keep swimming in the advanced lane.  To be completely honest....I don't know.  I'm too stubborn to drop down to the intermediate lane I guess.  And I like the yardage the advanced lanes do.  And I'm convinced it will make me faster.

Last night was especially tough, and I should have seen it coming because the whole night started on a bad note.  Before class I dropped my favorite swim cap in the urinal.  Kiss that cap good-bye (not literally) because there is absolutely no way I'm pulling something from the urinal and putting it on my head.  

Here's the beating:

Warm Up
100 swim/100 kick/100 pull/ 100 IM
8x50 on 1:00

Main Set
4x200 descending
50 easy

8x100 descending
50 easy  

16x50 descending
50 easy

8x25 Breath Control (3,2,1,0)

Cool Down
100 easy

Remember my post about the nipple freeze?  You know, yesterday's post.  I also post my blog on iamtri.com and someone posted a link to this fine product...

It DOES exist.

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