The End Of A Good Month

March was a good month for me.  I got in some very good training volume, bought some new toys and started a new job.  It was a busy month, that's for sure.

After today I'll have biked a little over 600 miles in March, run about 125 miles and swam about 40,000 yards.  That's a pretty big increase in bike miles and swimming especially.  In January and February I swam about 20,000 yards each month.  I decided I need to step that up if I'm going to hit my goals in September.  

Here's my last swim workout of the month:

3/31/2010 Yards

Warm Up 400 100S, 100K, 100P, 100K NA
  500 10 x 50 1:00
Main Set 2050 4x500 9:00
    50 Easy  
  550 5x100 (breathe on left) 1:50
    50 Easy  
  250 5x50 1:00
Cool Down 150 100 Easy/50 Kick NA
Total 3900    

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