The Best Story...

Some people think it's strange I'm afraid of birds.  I think it's strange Courtney is afraid of rabbits.  Being a zoology major, her response is typically something like, 'lagomorphs are scary.  They're upredictable.'  Well....they definitely unpredictable.  I'll give her that one.  

I don't think they're scary, but the one in the picture is a little scary.  So is the guy holding that overgrown lagomorph.

Anyway, Courtney works for the public health department so she works with the animal control officers.  The other day she told me one of the best stories I've heard in a very long time.

A friend of one of the animal control officers has a hunting dog and their neighbor has a rabbit.  They keep the rabbit outdoors in a cage, and don't do a good job keeping the cage latched so the rabbit gets out and makes its way into the neighbors yard.  She told them she has a hunting dog - trained to hunt - and they need to latch the cage or they may not have a rabbit for very long.

She came home from work one day to find her dog in the backyard throwing something around like a rag doll.  Sure enough, it was the rabbit. Dead, very dead....but not mangled.  So she had an idea.  Rather than let the neighbors think their pet rabbit suffered a traumatic death, she put the rabbit back in the cage so they would think the rabbit died of natural causes.

Later she heard some commotion next door by the rabbit cage.  The whole family was out there and she wandered over pretending not to know about the rabbit.  She asked what was going on.  They said, 'our rabbit died two days ago and now it's back in the cage.' 

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