(Un)Frozen Toes

I mentioned a few posts ago, that I reached my breaking point early this year, and couldn't take the trainer anymore.  So I braved the cold temps and rode outdoors.   We had a snowstorm mid-week, but then the sun came out for a few days and the roads cleared off - for the most part.  So I got out for more outdoor miles this weekend.

My biggest challenge a week ago was my toes, my frozen toes.  I have Pearl Izumi shoe covers, which do a good job, but just weren't cutting it.  So this weekend I tried something new....toe warmers.


No, I didn't figure out how to photograph the bottom of my feet.  I put the toe warmers on the top.  I was thinking my feet were getting cold from the wind coming through the top of my shoes (and shoe covers) so I figured these would keep my feet warm and help block the wind.

This is my cross bike, my winter ride....
Here's my other 'winter beater' hanging above my cubicle waiting for new tires.  It's been hanging there with a flat tire for about 8 months now. 



The temps weren't too bad, upper 20s, and the sun was out.  The wind was calm, but I was still worried about getting cold because my plan was to ride for 4 hours.  My longest outdoor ride in temps below freezing, by a few hours.  

The toe warmers worked great.  My toes were warm the whole time. My lobster gloves kept my fingers warm.  My jacket blocked the wind.  My balaclava kept my face warm....all was good...considering it's February.

The ride:





Ride Time = 3:45
Distance = 55.8 miles
Ave Speed = 15 mph

This puts me up to a little more than 100 outdoor miles already this year.  Not bad for the middle of February.  Next Saturday is the second indoor TT at SBR so I'm not sure if I'll get out for another ride.  Maybe I'll do a short ride after the time trial.

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