Effortful Swim Workout

Effortless swimming workouts....huh?  I might have to check that out.  Sounds like the kind of swim workout I can get behind....or maybe it's the kind of workout that makes you fall behind.  

Either way, it doesn't matter.  I find the effortful workouts produce better results.

Other than masters on Monday and my Friday swim workout I already posted, here's my other swim workout for the week:

One Hour - 3000 yards

Warm Up (900)
100 Swim/100 Kick/100 Pull/100 Kick
10x50 on 1:00 (paddles optional)

Main Set (1800)
3x (6x100 on 1:45) 30 seconds rest between sets

Cool Down (300)
300 yards easy

That's all.  Just felt like posting a swim workout.  It's kind of a go-to workout for me if I need a workout with decent volume and only have an hour.


Chris said...

hey mike,

thanks for the post. I got the effortless swim workouts program a few weeks ago. they've been good so far. About 2/3rds of the workouts are good for triathletes, the rest are sprint workouts I guess for the pool swimmers. all the best, Chris

Anonymous said...

Well... that's amazing but frankly i have a hard time determining it... wonder what others have to say..

Anonymous said...

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