Apples...big, juicy apples.


I give Apple a lot of credit.  They made one hell of a turnaround.  It wasn't that long ago that Apple wasn't cool or compatible with anything and you had to wonder if they were going to make it.  Then they started making their computers look really cool, then they came out with the ipod, then the iphone...you know the rest of the story.

But I have to admit, I don't get the point of the ipad.  I can't decide it it's a bad ipod touch or a bad iphone, but either way it's bad.  Maybe it has potential in the long run, I don't know, but right now it doesn't seem to offer enough to make it worth the cost or the hassle of carrying around a giant phone that can't be used as a phone.  I think they should go back to their roots a bit with this one and market it at students, go back to education.  Then it makes sense for it to come without wi-fi or phone or 3G capabilities...or a camera.

It's like Apple sat down in a conference room with an iphone in the middle of the table and asked the question: how can we make this thing suck? "I know, make it really big."  "That's good, anything else?" "People seem to like the camera." "Consider it gone."

But it is what is it, and Apple may turn this into the next big thing.  We'll see.  But here's a product that already has a ton of potential:

It's brilliant, although I think it should come with a phone and perhaps a camera.  Or better yet, a video camera.  Think about it. What gets more attention than boobs?  Nothing.  You want your product to get attention, put it in a boob.  Or on a boob.  Or near a boob.  
And who wouldn't love to see some footage from the boobcam?

Just sayin.

I know...this has nothing to do with training.  See banner at top of page: nonsensical ramblings. :)

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