Day 2: Bike Mechanic

Day 2 of my vacation, I had planned a 50 mile ride but my calf was still sore and I didn't want to risk an injury so I skipped the ride. I think I figured out why my calf got so sore. I changed my saddle a while ago because I wanted to try my Fizik Arione saddle again, and it's quite a bit thicker than my Selle Italia. When I changed saddles, I forgot to account for this difference by lowering my saddle so I essentially raised my saddle a bit and I think it was too high and I over-stretched my calf muscles and they responded by tightening up. No big deal, but I hate missing a workout because of a stupid mistake. Live and learn, I guess.

So I went to the pool early and swam for an hour (3000 yards) and went for a 6.5 mile run with Cheri when she got home from work. The rest of the day was spent relaxing, running errands and working on bikes. I got Cheri's bike ready to ride so she can take it out for its first ride today. Here's a picture:


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Cheri's bike looks really nice, but I want to see yours Mike, have you put it together yet?

I finished my fixed gear build a while ago, need to get round to updating that damn blog (I seem to have lost a bit of interest in that), but I will do it soon. Abby has got some pictures on her flikr page if you can find that (I would help by posting a link, but can't be bothered to find it now). I've got a few things I'm going to change on the bike but I'm pretty pleased with it. Feels great to ride around the city.

Mike said...

I saw the pictures on Abby's blog and meant to comment but...well, I don't remember why I didn't. It looks great. Very cool. Especially the wheels.

Anonymous said...

Interesting to know.