Opening Day

It was opening day at Miller Park today, and the Brewers destroyed the giants 13-4. So far they're 3-1. Not a bad way to start the season.

Today, I got a little stupid at lunch and I think I'm going to pay the price. Tomorrow is the Black Earth Race, a 10 mile run. I don't really care how I do, but I would like to run well. Mainly I'm using this race as a training run for the Madison Half Marathon, and I figured this should give me a good idea on pacing for the half marathon.

Fleet Feet, a local running store, is celebrating their birthday this week and they're celebrating by turning the Black Earth Race into a birthday brick. A group is m
eeting at the store, biking to Black Earth (20 miles), running the race, then biking back to Fleet Feet. Since Fleet Feet is only 5 miles from my house, I figured I'll bike to Fleet Feet for the brick rather than drive. That will give me a total of 50 miles cycling and 10 miles running for the day. That's gonna be a tough day.

Here's where I got stupid: this week is a recovery week for me, and since I've been beating myself into the ground for a while I decided to take it really easy this week. My o
nly hard day for the week was going to be tomorrow. I've been following the plan, but today the weather was really nice and I felt really good. I was riding alone at lunch, and I was pretty fired up with the 52 degree temps and sunshine. I finally got to ditch the shoe covers and trade the leg warmers for knee warmers. So I decided to push the pace a bit, and now my legs are tired and sore and I'm not sure they're going to be fully recovered by tomorrow.

I never learn.

Here's the data from today's ride:

Check out tomorrow's weather. First time all year we're going to hit 60 degrees. 13 mph winds with gusts of 25. It might be a tough workout. I hope someone feels like doing all the pulling because I'm pretty sure I won't feel like it.

I bought a new bike, and it arrived last week but I haven't put it together yet. I'll be working on it tonight. I put Cheri's bike together first since I've built a road bike before and I had a general idea what I was doing. I've never built a tri bike so it's going to be an interesting evening.

I wanted to get the Cannondale Slice 3, but it was backordered until the middle of summer so I upgraded to the Slice 1. The only problem is that I don't know what to do with the wheels now. I really didn't want these wheels, and that's why I wanted the Slice 3. I was planning on using my Reynolds wheels with the Powertap. I might sell them. I've been checking e-bay and there aren't many sets for sale and there's very little bidding on them. If I can't get a decent price for them it's not worth selling them.

We'll see. Here's a picture of the new ride. I'll post some real pictures of the new bikes later. I forgot to get Cheri's camera from her.

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