Long brick

The forecast for this morning was upper 30s and a rain/snow mix so I was second guessing doing the Harvard time trial. What sealed the deal was my post Crazylegs ride. I planned on an easy 90 minute ride, nothing that would wear me out. I knew it was windy, but I figured I'd keep my power down and not worry about how slow I was going.

The wind was a little scary...well, really scary. We had gusts of 25+ mph. A headwind or tailwind wasn't that bad, but a crosswind was pretty scary. I had to lean into the wind and I had a tough time staying out of traffic when the gusts hit. I should've stayed home. Some days aren't safe to ride.

Anyway, the wind wasn't the killer. It turns out it was Crazylegs. I had nothing left in my legs and holding my power in my endurance zone was really hard work. There was no way I would be ready for a TT, so I figured I would stick with my original plan - a long brick.

I got lucky and the weather cleared up. No rain or snow, but it was a little cold - upper 40s and kind of windy - nothing like yesterday, though. I decided to try out the time trial routes I mapped out. I did 2 40k TTs and 1 20K TT with a few minutes of rest between time trials. I kept my power in my endurance zone so it was far from 3 all out TTs, but it was hard work and very tiring...especially since I still haven't recovered from Crazylegs.

After the TTs, I ran for an hour.

After the run, I...well...I thought I was going to die. This workout got the best of me, that's for sure. The worst part about a long workout in the cold is the 30 minute coughing fit afterwards. Cold air really tears up my throat. You'd think I'd be used to it by now, but clearly I'm not.

Next Saturday is my first multi-sport event of the year - The Peanut Butter Duathlon. It's a 2 mile run, 14 mile bike, 2 mile run. I'd like to do well, so I'm going to keep my workouts pretty easy this week so I'm well rested for the event. I also need to find some time to practice my transitions because they're pretty weak and I haven't practiced them yet this year.

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rr said...

Hey Ironmike08 - I'm googling around trying to find someone with the same knee issue I'm dealing with. And here you are. any chance you could email me so I can ask you about how you finally recovered? I'm almost 3 wks out from IM AZ, can't do anything, and really frustrated.. thanks, rachel

Oh and you can click on my blog if you want to hear me whine about it :)