Day 3: The Sugar River Trail

Today, the plan was to run from Broadhead to Albany (7 miles) and back along the Sugar River Trail. So I got up early, had a good breakfast and drove the 30 minutes to the trailhead in Broadhead... and there it was... one of my biggest pet peaves....locked bathrooms at a trailhead. I don't get it.

The Sugar River Trail follows, you guessed it, the Sugar R
iver. Or so you'd think.

About a half mile into my run, I came to this road. Which way would you go? Sure, there's a little orange sign pointing to the right, but clearly the path goes straight. And the trail follows the Sugar River, right?

I went straight. Wrong. It's a decent run...

...but it eventually comes to a dead end, and I had to turn around. I remembered the orange sign and decided to see where that lead. It leads down this road...

...and takes you to the real Sugar River Trail, which isn't as scenic as the trail I was on and you can't see the Sugar River anymore. It was a little disappointing.

The only scenery....

So now I'm basically at the starting point of my run, except I've already run 6 miles. Looks like I won't be running to Albany and back.

So I ran a few miles on the trail and then headed back to my car. Then it was off to Frostie Freeze for some recovery food.

Time: 1:47:53
Distance: 13.16
Pace: 8:11


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