Moe's first winter run

Cheri wanted to run outside, so we headed out this morning for her first winter run. We drove to Pacific Cycle and ran on the bike path because they plow the path regularly and we didn't want to run in the road. I'm not sure what she's pointing at since we ran in the other direction.

The run went well and I think she had a good time even though she said it was a lot tougher than she thought it would
be. She hasn't been running lately and she hasn't done any working out outdoors in quite a while. Breathing the cold air made her lungs burn and her heart rate was really high the whole time. But she was a trooper and kept on going despite the fatigue and burning lungs.

Since she braved the frigid temps and we're both going to try to eat healthy in the new year, we decided to stop at the grocery and treat ourselves to a couple of donies...and then we stopped at Starbucks on the way home as well. That's not the healthiest way to end a workout, but we'll save that healthy crap for the new year. There's no need for that nonsense on December 29th.

An hour on the trainer and an hour in the pool today and I'm done for the week. Piece of cookie.

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abby said...

well done, team schwinn.