Snow Run

Yesterday we got pounded with more snow (we're only 2.5 inches from setting a record) and I went for my first real snow run. And I'm glad I did. It was really fun.

I had planned on running at lunch because I thought the snow was coming late in the day. I was wrong. The snow started about 8am and continued through the day. By lunch time, we had a few inches and I was starting to reconsider going for a run. Heather got a little too much pleasure from me "wussing" out on my workout so I put on my running gear and got out there.

It was really fun and peaceful. Surprisingly I saw a few other runners out there, but other than that it was just me and the snow. It doesn't compare to running in nice weather, but as far as winter running goes that was the most fun I've had.

Today, I rode the trainer for 2 hours and then went to the pool with Cheri. I wish I could get her to go to the pool with me every time because it's definitely more fun when she's with me. Lately I've been dreading my swim workouts. I don't enjoy swimming that much and it's been getting boring.

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