Time off

Toby left a comment on my post about the Saris Gala that compelled Abby to write an apology e-mail. I must admit I'm quite humored by the situation. Good stuff.

Abby, no worries. When you read Toby's comment with a British accent it almost sounds charming. And that's why chicks dig the accent. Be thankful he doesn't have a southern accent.

Again, my doc urged me to decrease my training volume and take some time off because my knee isn't healing. I'd like to ignore his request and increase my training purely out of spite. But...for the first time in my life...I'm going to listen to the doc. I'm making this an easy week, then I'm taking a week off, then I'm starting out with an light week to ease back into it. Then it's 26 weeks of intense training for the Florida Half Ironman. Then about 3 months of intense training for the Wisconsin Ironman. Then I sit on the couch for the rest of my life....or maybe I'll do the London Marathon. How cool would that be?

Who thinks I should look like a jackass for the majority of November to compete in the mustache growing contest at work?


abby said...

you're all encouraging him!!

i think you should grow the tasch.

AND i think you should do the london marathon. my boss did and he's in his fifties!

Anonymous said...


Burrito Eater said...

You pretty much are just a jackass anyways, so go rock the stache...

Hez said...

I have to agree, grow the mustache. You saw how cool David is looking and it has only been a few days.