Forget training, write a novel

Coolness comes but once a year...that time has passed.
- Steve Wood

I'm taking a little time off from training to let my knee heal. One more week, and I'll be back at it, but in the meantime I've been working on my training program and reading a great book, Lore of Running. It's one of the most researched books I've ever read. Lore of Running is an incredible book, but it's not for the faint of heart. Over 900 pages on running.

November is National Novel Writing Month www.nanowrimo.org for those who feel like taking on the challenge.

A friend of mine introduced me to Pride and Glory several years ago, and every time I listen to them Cheri accuses me of listening to country. You decide...

Here's a song that always makes my playlist for workouts...

Here's some Josh Todd from his brief stint as a solo artist when Buckcherry broke up. Buckcherry is a favorite of mine. Cheri doesn't accuse them of being country; she accuses them of being no-talent ass clowns.

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Hez said...

Does Steve know he is being quoted?