Testing: 40K TT

Part of my training program is doing testing on recovery week. These tests will allow me to monitor my progress and make sure I am in fact making progress. I did my first test last night: a 40K time trial on the trainer. It was a beautiful day so it was horrible being on the trainer, but I'm using the trainer so I have the same conditions every time. The test went well, but I definitely could've pushed a little harder. I didn't know how many watts I could hold for that long so I decided to shoot for 230. I think I could've done 250 because I had way too much energy left at the end. But this gives me a good starting point. After that, I went for an easy 30 minute run.

Today was the gun show. The gun show technically ends in September so I didn't think there would be a big turnout so I figured having tired legs wouldn't matter much. When I got outside there was a good sized group gathered, including several members of the race team. When we got to Saris, they had a big group as well including Jordan (Jordan is one of the best cyclists in Wisconsin). That's when I knew I was in for a rough day. I knew the pace was going to be fast and I was wishing I had done the time trial on Tuesday so I could've had a recovery day on Wednesday. But then I reminded myself I'm training for the Ironman and that's what I need to focus on. Not the gun show.

It was a tough ride. I had nothing for the first sprint and got dropped quickly. I have been doing well in the first sprint lately so I was a little disappointed I couldn't get in there and battle it out. I managed to sneak in for 3rd on the second sprint so I did get some points for the day. I got dropped early on the 3rd sprint and was on my own the whole way. The 3rd sprint is 5.64 miles and I averaged 24.29 mph. I'd like to know what the leaders averaged because I was busting my butt and they were pulling away. I think if I hadn't been so tired I could've hung with the group, but that's the price you pay when you train for the Ironman. Even though it's fun to get in there and try to win the sprints, I was a little happy to be on my own. That's what I need to work on for the Ironman. No drafting in triathlons.

So my recovery week has taken a bit of a turn. The intensity has been pretty high the past 24 hours. Tomorrow won't be so bad though. The intensity gets turned down for my 1 hour run.

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Burrito Eater said...

Wolfgram, you suck! Free pizza, free beer and lots of friends and you bail. And you already had your Thursday workouts in?