Swimming with the devil

Week 1 of my 10 week Great Floridian training block is in the books, and all went well. I actually logged more yards in the water this week than I ever have - 13,350 (7.6 miles) - and finished the week off with a great swim at Devil's Lake with some friends. I was the slowest in the group so I basically swam alone, but that's okay. Devil's Lake is a great place to swim. The water is clean with very little seaweed, and the scenery is great. It's 1.25 miles across, so we swam across and back for a total of 2.5 miles. It took me just under 1:15. The rest of the group finished somewhere in the 1:05-1:10 range.

Week 2 means a tempo run (Tempo Tuesday), the state time trial championships (40K) and lots of swimming (12,000+ yards again).

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