Are you tough enough?

That's what it asks on the opening page of the Great Floridian website. Are you tough enough?

After this weekend, I'm not so sure. The heat killed me. I struggled and wanted to quit. I was weak and tired. Every mile was a mental battle and it was exhausting. 16 miles of telling myself "just one more mile." I haven't struggled that much since the ironman.

The average temp on race day is 85. We'll probably be in the 60s in October. How am I supposed to run a marathon in 85 degree weather when I'm used to 60s? How can I possibly train for that? What the hell was I thinking?

Florida is a long way to go to DNF.


bigmike600 said...

Marathon pimpin aint' easy Mike..but I'm pretty sure you're up for the challenge. You have that mental toughness thing down. You seem to be able to force yourself outside the comfort zone and stay there. It's a gift and you got it.

Toby said...

that and a gentle hand...