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Cannondale has signed Chrissy Wellington so the two-time world Ironman champion is now riding a Cannondale Slice. Hopefully this will help give Cannondale a little more presence in the multisports world. The slice is fast, but you don't see many around.

Here's the link to the full story: http://www.cannondalecommunity.com/en/local-news/multisport/default.asp?item=334818


Gold Bike is Missing: (from bikeradar.com)

GT’s intriguing Golden Bike series is set to kick off the first leg of competition at next month’s Sea Otter Classic in the US - but one lucky ‘winner’ may have already taken home the prize.

According to GT marketing man Robb Zbierski, one of the company’s specially finished GT Zaskar race bikes was lost in shipping last month – while the shipping label arrived at the intended destination in an envelope, the bike did not. In addition to the flashy gold paint job on the frame, the bike also features a custom gold finish on the Shimano XTR drivetrain, Mavic Crossmax SLR wheels, and Ritchey bar and stem.

Just as was the case with Lance Armstrong’s stolen – and recovered – one-off Trek Equinox time trial bike, Zbierski is hoping the bike’s distinctive appearance will hamper any potential illicit sale and will lead to a quick recovery.

Nonetheless, GT is offering a US$3000 reward for the bike’s return. If you've seen it, drop GT an email at goldenbike@gtbicycles.com.

**** We accused Robb of shipping nothing but the label as a publicity stunt.


Thelma. My new bike rack arrived today, the Saris Thelma. It's pretty schnazzy. I've had a Saris Bones and didn't like it at all. It was okay with one bike, but two bikes was a little scary because it bounced around a bit and I didn't trust the straps. Plus I didn't like strapping the bikes by the frame because it scratches them.

The Thelma holds the bikes by the wheels so your frame is safe from scratches and it's more secure. I also ordered a hitch so all I need to do now is install it and I'm good to go.

I was debating between a roof rack and the Thelma and the Thelma won for a few reasons. #1 - roof racks are expensive. #2 - I don't trust myself with a roof rack. I'm afraid I would forget my bikes are on top and drive into the underground parking and destroy my bikes. I've also heard they kill your gas mileage. So the Thelma it is. I think I made a good decision.


bigmike600 said...

We have both the Thelma (love it-and we have a Matrix-just like your Vibe (and you can even get the hatch open with the rack on and folded)) and it works awesome. We just bought a Bones as well for my Yaris. I think it will work pretty good.

Unknown said...

Ditto for me. THelma is awesome, wouldn't trade her for ease and security, although its a pain in the ass sometimes to mess around with the hitch so we tend to leave it on all the time. My only concern with that is that you should be sure to secure the wheel holders when you have her flipped up. We didn't do that at first and we ended up rubbing some paint off the bumper but totally fixed it by putting a bungee cord around the wheel holder when there wasn't a bike in it.
We had a roof mounted rack before Thelma and I managed to rip off the garage door with the empty rack one day. Did you know that on Friday night it is REALLY hard to find someone to come and get your garage door off the top of your Blazer and re-attach it to your house?