Lovin the long run

Long runs have been good to me this year and I look forward to my long run all week. I struggled on one a few weeks ago, but other than that they've all gone according to plan. I've hit my goals and felt strong on all of them.

For the past 3 Sundays, my long run has been 2 laps of the arb loop. I've b
een getting more and more into heart rate training and monitoring my heart rate during workouts so today I decided to run by heart rate more than pace. Typically, on my long runs I choose a pace and go for it. Today, I had a different plan.

I wanted to run at 80%-82% of my max heart rate the whole time. That proved a little more difficult than I thought it would be with the hills in the arbortetum, but I think I d
id a pretty good job. Here's the HR graph....


Tonight I tried to win an entry into Ironman Wisconsin 2009, and I came very close. My ticket had number 510558 and the winning ticket was 510559.

It wasn't meant to be. So my focus will remain on The Great Floridian and Ironman Wisconsin 2010.

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