IronMoo: The Plan

This is more for my benefit than yours, but if you're interested in my plan here it is...

Race Morning: Wake at 4:00, eat small serving of Egg Beaters, plain white bagel, orange juice, coffee, fruit, Perpeteum (600 calories). Do a duece. Drink some water. Stretch. Leave the house about 4

Pre-Race: Priority number one (after the duece, that is): pump
up my tires. I use Latex tubes and they lose about 20 lbs of pressure overnight. Even though they have pumps there, I'm taking my own to make sure I get my tires pumped up. Then it's off to bodymarking, and then sunblock even though you're not supposed to apply sunblock before swimming in your wetsuit because it's bad for the suit. My suit is trashed. I'm not even bothering to seal the many slices. Don't care.

The Swim: I'll take a caffeinated gel before the race to get a few mor
e calories. I think I'm going to start on the inside and swim inside the buoys most of the front stretch. Everyone says to start on the outside, so I figure if that's where everyone is going to line up I'm going to the inside. I'm also not putting my swim cap over my goggles like everyone says to. That makes my swim cap fill up with water. I'd rather risk someone knocking my goggles off. There are 2450 athletes competing in IMWI this year. Here's what the swim will look like....

Swim to Bike Bag: Aero helmet, bike shoes, glasses (Rudys), race belt wit
h number, Garmin - for the run

Bike: Be conservative and focus on keeping my power aroun
d 200-210 (that usually gives me an average power of around 190-195). Stick to my nutrition plan and drink enough water. I'm not going to worry about my speed or getting passed in the beginning of the bike. It's all about power. On my bike I'll have 6 gels taped to the top tube - alternating caffeinated and non-caffeinated, one bottle of perpeteum (5 scoops), one bottle of water and one bottle of Gatorade. Lastly, I need to remember to turn on my Garmin with about 10 minutes left in the bike so it can find the satellites before the run. Here's the nutrition plan (I plan on eating something every 20 minutes)..

Bike to Run Bag: Running shoes, socks, visor, glasses (Smith -orange lenses - ditch the Rudy's), race belt with gels, Perpeteum flask, water bottle

Run: The plan is simple: 8:45-9:00 miles and hope for the best, expect the worst. Nutrition plan is simple on the run. Start with Perpeteum and then do gels the r
est of the way eating something about every 30 minutes - more if needed.

No special needs bags.

For those spectating, this is what I'm wearing...

On the bike, just look for these. They're far from cool, but oh so comfy...Post Race: Ice bath, food and then back to the finish line (assuming I finish early enough) to cheer on everyone else and see Frank (79 years old) finish...


bigmike600 said...

You got a great plan. I hope all goes well and you are able to stick to the plan.
One thing I seem to have read A LOT from people who have done Ironman is to be prepared for anything. A lot of people say that regular coke will settle your stomach and you should have one in your T2 bag.
But having read your blog for awhile now, I know you are a very prepared person who analyzes and thinks things out better than anyone I have ever seen and I would imagine you have a back up plan in case things go south.

But I doubt they will. Good Luck and I hope to see you sometime before the race and for sure during.

Thanks for the update on the outfit, it really helps the spectators.

Anonymous said...


Congrats!! on making it through your trainings, the hard work and determination will pay off for you. Have a great race and enjoy the day, no matter what happens. You are doing something that very few people even consider doing, including me and I am closing in on my second marathon.It's been fun keeping up with your training through this blog, hopefully I'll see you in future events.

Good Luck and best wishes for a successful IronMan, Jim T.

Anonymous said...

is duece American for poo?

Mike said...

Yes, and if I don't poo, I'll be in a spot of bother later in the day.

Anonymous said...

a stinkin' spot of bother