The numbers are in...

I just finished the last workout of my Ironman training. My training started the day I signed up last year, but quickly cooled off as I had to take time off (7 weeks off running) to let my torn tendon heal. Mid December I started back up and have been going strong since. Here are the numbers 9/10/2007 - 9/4/2008...

Total Training Hours: 574

Time: 125 hours
Yards: 311,999
Miles: 177
Ave Workout = 2400 yards

Time: 301 hours
Miles: 5323
Six 100+ mile rides
Longest Ride: 119.5 miles
Ave Ride = 27.5 miles

Time: 143 hours
Miles: 980
Two 20 mile runs
Ave Run: 5.5 miles


bigmike600 said...

You just convinced me not to sign up for next year. Thanks a lot.

Wow that is a lot of hours and miles. Especially considering you had 7 weeks off.
I was happy that I got 50 miles of swimming in since May and 1000 bike miles since April.

You wrecked that too. Thanks again.

Good Luck on Sunday. Should be nothing more than a long brick with a swim for you.

You certainly can't say you did not put in the training hours.

Burrito Eater said...

Good Luck Wolf! I'll be out there cheering for you. I know you'll dominate! Hope your day off is good and you aren't to restless! :)

Brent's Tour de France Picks! said...

Best of luck Mike! I'll be out and about on the course looking for you to cheer you on.
Wolfgram =IRONMAN!