Gatorade Swim

This morning I got up early to meet a few co-workers at the Gatorade swim and swim the course before work. I got there at 7am and it was 50 degrees, raining and the water was very choppy. My co-workers went back to bed, as I figured they would (they're not doing the IM) so I didn't wait for them.

I think choppy water is kind of fun so I didn't mind, and the water temp was fine, but they only had part of the course set up so I didn't get a chance to swim the whole thing like I wanted. And I felt like I swam really slow so I'm not happy about that. Plus, they didn't hand out water bottles like they usually do. Screwed again by Corporate America.

For some reason, it doesn't feel like Ironman weekend. It's like I've trained for this so long that I don't believe it's actually here. I figured swimming the course would make me feel like it's really here, but no. I think most people are coming into town today, so the majority of the people at the swim this morning were locals. I recognized almost everyone there so it just felt like a group swim.

Tomorrow I took the day off work so I'll register, check out the expo and get reacquainted with my couch.

Saturday, short warm up workout, check in my bike and gear bags, go to the wedding, dinner, then try to sleep. Busy day.

Here's the forecast for Sunday...

Looks like I might be adding arm warmers to my transition bag.

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