Pie Ride

Finally, some decent weather....and it picked a good day to clear up because today was the Pie Ride! That's ride, you ride for pie.

I wanted to do the 50K instead of the 100K to save my legs for the Verona Olympic Triathlon tomorrow (only 5 minutes from my apartment - now that's convenient) so this makes two 50K pie rides for me - 3 for Cheri. I missed last year's because I did the Horribly Hilly Hundreds; the pie ride is a lot more fun than the HHH.

Dennis - one of my co-workers - came down for the ride and we ran into one of Cheri's co-workers and a friend of hers so we had a small group to ride with. I wanted to take it easy and have fun, which we did....for the most part. We probably pushed the pace a little too much and now my legs are tired. I didn't expect them to get this tired from a 35 mile ride, but I think it's cumulative fatigue from weeks of hard training (luckily next week is a recovery week) so I'm not feeling very confident about tomorrow's race. But you never know what a good night's sleep will do for you. And it's a "C" race so it doesn't really matter how I do. It's just training.

I don't know why I like the pie ride so much. The route goes out past my parent's house so the roads are nothing new to me, and I don't like pie. After the ride, I drop off the pie at my parent's house for my dad - I'm sure he likes the pie ride too. But charity rides can be fun and there's something fun about riding for pie. It's kind of goofy.

Today was really fun...and they had cookies at the rest stops like all charity rides should. So the Pie Ride remains near the top of my list of favorite charity rides. And I think it was a good Danskin training ride for Cheri.

Later in the afternoon Cheri and I headed to Rockport pool to do some lap swimming. We got in about 3 laps before the storms hit and they had to close the pool. I haven't been to Rockport in about 20 years, and I was a little surprised. It was nicer than I expected and it's Olympic distance which is nice for laps. And lap swimming is only $1. Hard to beat that.

Tomorrow's forecast...more rain.

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bigmike600 said...

We also did the Pie ride but did the 100 and we were on our way to lap swim at Rockport when the rain hit. Wonder that we did not run into each other. Pie ride really is a fun charity ride. Probably one of the best.