The Land of Precipitation

I was hoping to go for a run after work, but I'm stuck inside waiting for the storms to clear up. I don't typically let the weather stop me from working out, but when the tornado sirens are going off and the radar is really ugly, it's time to play it safe.

I've always hated the weather in Wisconsin and I've often thought about moving. But I haven't thought about leaving Wisconsin as much since moving to Madison because I really like living in Madison... but th
is year has me wondering how much longer I can deal with our crappy weather. It's getting ridiculous.

We set record snowfalls this winter, and now we're setting a record for rainfall in June - and it's only the 12th. Everything is flooded and there's no end in sight. Check out this announcement..

"All roads in Portage are impassible due to high water, according to Columbia County Emergency Management."

Really? All roads? That's crazy.

Here's the forecast for Boulder, CO. Looks good to me...

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