Janesville Race Against Racism 5K

We woke up to a light rain, and thought it was going to be another crappy day for a 5K...just like the 5K in Beloit. The rain continued through registration, but stopped a few minutes before the start of the race and then the sun came out and the weather was great.

We were doing this race mainly as a training race for Cheri, because the Danskin triathlon is only a few weeks away
. Unfortunately, she's been struggling with severe knee pain the past few weeks. The guys at the Endurance House suggested she work on her form and try to strengthen her quads with leg extensions and lunges. She's been doing the exercises and making progress, but we were both very worried that she might have to walk to the finish line. I gave her a few Ibuprofen to take before the race hoping that would hold off the pain so she could get in a good run.

For 2 years she's been trying to run a sub 25 minute 5K. She's been running stronger than ever, but we both figured this wasn't the day for a PR....wrong. Not only did she PR and run a 24:33 5K (7:54 pace), she dominated the dojo and won her age group....again. She only had a little
knee pain so we think the strength training is helping (although I still want her to see the physical therapist).

My race went well. I ran a 19:22, a PR by a few seconds, and finished 2nd in my age group. Check out the trophies they handed out to the top 5 in every age group...

Pretty cool, huh?

If you're looking for a 5K to run in the Janesville area next year, be sure to put the Race Against Racism on your schedule. The course is flat, fast and certified. And the event is run by Tim Rutter, who does an excellent job running events. They're always very well organized with lots of goodies, like trophies and a ton of giveaways....and pancakes. Can't beat that.

Here are a few pictures from the Aquathon...

Me and Andy before the start.

The start.

The puppy that stole all of the attention. His name is Ambrose and he's 12 weeks old. He's a bullmastiff so he's going to be a big boy.


J-Wim said...

Cool trophy!
My bro-in-law took 1st in his age group too and my nephew did the kiddie run.
We had my son's grad party to get ready for or we would have probably gone too - next year I guess!

~Robyn~ said...

Tell Cheri congrats from one of your blog stalkers! Oh wait, that sounded kinda bad....