The Worst Kept Secret...

I don't normally blog about work, but I thought this was worth writing about. The worst kept secret in the bicycle industry was officially let out of the bag yesterday. Dorel, our parent company, bought Cannondale. We all saw it coming so it wasn't much of a surprise.

But what we didn't know was coming was the split. Pacific Cycle has split in half. Now there's Pacific Cycle which will handle all of the mass bikes and other brands such as Schwinn Motorsports, my division. A new company was created called Cannondale Sports Group which will sell only to the IBD (Independent Bike Dealers). It makes sense to split the company the way they did, and I'm curious to see how things are going to change. Right now it's too early to tell if this is going to be good for me or not. The motorsports division is very young, and we're now on the mass side of the business operating with a business model that mirrors the IBD side. But we're in motorsports, not bicycles so it makes sense. It should be interesting.

Since I'm planning on getting a tri bike, it looks like I'll be getting a Cannondale now. The Slice Ultimate would be a sweet ride, but the price tag on that one is a bit out of my range, even with an employee deal. I'm leaning toward the Slice 3, maybe the Slice 1 if I think I can afford it. It will all depend on the pricing. The nice thing about the Slice is that all of the models have the same frame, just the specs change. So I could always upgrade later if I wanted to.

As for training...I had a great swim workout yesterday. I've bumped all of my workouts up to 3000 yards, but since this is my recovery week I stepped it back down to 2500 yards this week. Monday, my main set was 3x450 yards. I finally broke the 7 minute mark and I'm pumped up. I swam the first set in 6:57, the second in 7:00 and the third in 7:11 (you can tell I was getting tired). I've been trying to break that 7 minute mark for quite a while and it feels great to finally get there. I feel like I'm starting to become a decent swimmer. All those drills are paying off. Hopefully I can keep this up and set some good swim times at sprint tris this summer.

We're supposed to get pounded with more snow tonight. I've heard anywhere from 5-13 inches. This could make my lunch run tomorrow interesting.


Anonymous said...

Who's that handsome man driving the Valo 50 on the Schwinn Moto site? I bet he's big in Japan.

Mike said...

I am big in Japan. Better believe it.

Anonymous said...

it's as if you could see into the future. glad to hear you'll be getting a proper tri bike, those Cannondale's are hot.