Swimming at the Pier

Monday morning was busy.

One of the things I've looked forward to the most about coming to Kona was swimming at the Pier.  So far I've been out on the course 3 times.  The salt water takes getting used to, but I'm feeling more comfortable swimming in the ocean every day.  The taste of the salt water gets to me after about 40 minutes, and I don't think that's going to change by Saturday, but other than that I'm getting pretty comfortable out there.

Monday morning we had some big waves with more on the way Tuesday and Wednesday.  

Big waves Monday morning.

They don't really have the swim course set up.  Just a line of buoys and you can only swim on one side so people are swimming in and out on the same side of the buoys.  You have to pay attention or you'll run into someone.

It's amazing how clean the water is. 

I'm swimming out.  They're swimming in.  You really have to pay attention.

Dog fish.  Courtney said he was out there as long as I was - an hour.
Me swimming.

Post swim.


jenez_world said...

hope you get to enjoy the moment and soak up the experience. the swim looks fantastic and salt equals increased buoyancy so it is a good thing ! good luck for the race.

Mike said...

I can definitely feel the added buoyancy in the water, but the taste of salt water is tough to get used to. I'm trying to just enjoy the experience and not put any pressure on myself.

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