A Kona Video

Sometimes I get so hung up on training hard, racing fast, reaching my potential, seeing what I'm capable of, etc.... that I forget to step back and just enjoy the moment.  Then I see a video like this, and it brings me back to reality.  Yes, I want to train hard and find out what my ultimate potential is in triathlon, but in the end it doesn't really matter as much as the overall experience. The fun.  The memories.  

They say those who focus only on results get burned out.  Results are great, and I'm definitely driven by them, but in the end there's a lot more going on and if you forget to take it in and enjoy the memories you'll soon find yourself looking for a new hobby.  

This is a video shot from a lottery winner, meaning he didn't qualify for Ironman Hawaii, but instead won his slot through the lottery system.  He has a GoPro and some video editing skills.  It's a very good video.


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