More Pics from Hawaii

One of my favorite shots so far.  Courtney took this one while I was swimming.

Lots of papaya and mangoes at the farmer's market on Ali'i.

Me and Courtney at Magic Sands Beach.

Honu. Like the Honey Badger, Honu don't give a shit.

Me and my parents eating dinner at Humpy's.  Mmmm....grass-fed burgers.

Volcano National Park.  That's lava steam in the background. 

The trail at Volcano National Park.  Nothing special.  I just like this pic.

Part of the expo.  This expo is crazy.  Lots to look at and very busy.

Lots of pros signing autographs at the expo.


Me and Mark Allen.  He couldn't have had less interest in having his picture taken with me.

The new Shiv.  Eh.  I'd rather have a Felt.

I finally saw a sunset over the Pacific.  I wanted a picture with palm trees and the red sky.  Maybe later in the week.

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wow that bike looks awesome! do you have more pictures of it!