Share a Build Week: Day 7

Workout 1: Run.  2:46:36. 22.25 miles.  7:28 pace.  Ave HR: 135.

Unlike riding indoors for 6 hours...

Hour 6.

I love the long runs, especially 19+ milers.

Before my run on the IMWI course.

For those doing Ironman Wisconsin next weekend, you'll be swimming here....

Lake Monona from the Terrace.

Today's run was great.  I expected my legs to be pretty stiff and sore from my ride, but they weren't really.  A little, but not bad.  They loosened up right away and I felt great the whole time. I did my run/walk so I ran for 9:30 and walked for 30 seconds.  So my average run pace was 7:18.  With walking, I averaged a 7:28 pace.  I'm very happy with that.  

As always, I started conservative and stepped up the pace throughout the run.  I averaged a 7:39 pace for the first hour, picked it up a little in hour two and averaged a 7:17 pace for the final 45 minutes finishing the final mile at a 6:45 pace.  It feels really good to have the energy to step it up and run fast at the end of a long run.  

This was my last really long run before Kona.  I absolutely love these long runs, and I'm very disappointed I won't get the chance to get up early and do a 20 miler again for a while.

Workout 2:  Swim.  1 hour.  3100 yards.

6x100 easy warm up - 20s rest
4x150 pull/paddles on 2:20
4x300 on 5:00
4x150 pull/paddles on 2:20
100 cool down

I felt really good after my long run.  My legs felt good (considering) and I still had plenty of energy so I thought I was going to have a good swim.  It wasn't a bad swim, but it certainly wasn't a good swim.  It turns out it takes more than 5 hours to recover from a 22 mile run.  I felt like I was swimming okay and should have been swimming faster than I was, but I just didn't have any get-up-and-go.  My legs were anchors.  I expected to swim about a 1:25-1:28 pace for my 300s but only managed a 1:30-1:32 pace.  Not horrible, but not good either.  

I slogged my way through and got it done.  More yards in the bank and my last workout of the week.

Daily Total:  3 hours 49 minutes
Weekly Total:  22 hours 6 minutes

Tomorrow:  Rest Day.   

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