Share a Build Week: Recap

I thought I'd post a quick recap of my build week.  It was a good week.  My priority going into the week was nailing my long ride on Saturday and my long run on Sunday.  The other workouts were important, but I was willing to give a little on those if that's what it took to hit my numbers on the weekend.

I didn't really have a good swim workout, so that was lacking.  I got in decent volume (for me), but didn't have a really strong workout so I'll try to get one or two in this week to make up for it.  Otherwise, I'm really happy with how the week went.  Here are the totals:

Breakdown by hours.

Breakdown by distance.

Swim: 4 hours.  13,300 yards
Bike:  12 hours.  229 miles
Run:  6 hours.  47 miles

Today was a rest day. 


jenez_world said...

i was surprised that you dont fit workouts in before work ?

Brian said...

About 7.5 miles swimming, you should keep the numbers consistent!

Training sounds spot on, keep up the effort!!

Mike said...

Sometimes I work out before work, but not too often. I don't like getting up super early to swim. I'll run before work sometimes, but I have time at lunch so I prefer that. Most of my bike rides are 2+ hours so I'd rather do those in the evening. I'll probably be swimming in the mornings a lot more this winter because I really need to improve my swim and I think that's going to be the best way to increase my volume because the lap swim times vary a lot in the evenings.

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