Share a Build Week: Day 2

Day 2 wasn't an easy day.  My workouts weren't especially hard, but work was a little hectic and busy.  As I feared, I had a meeting rescheduled for around the lunch hour.  Then I got invited to an additional meeting this afternoon, so my day was packed with meetings. Luckily, I had just enough time to make it out for my lunch run.

Workout 1:  Hygiene Hill Repeats.  46:40  5.69 miles

Tuesdays are days I do hard(er) run workouts.  I might do tempo runs, track workouts or hill repeats.  Today, I did hill repeats on a hill I call Hygiene Hill because there's a hygiene laboratory at the  base of the hill.  Courtney's a public health inspector, so she deals with them in her job.  That's where they test water samples or test bats for rabies.  Things like that.  I prefer to believe they spend their time working on creating the perfect deodorant and/or soap.

The hill is great for running repeats.  One side is short and steep and the other side is longer and more gradual.  There's also a side of the hill covered in grass with some really steep, short climbs I can run if I want.  Lots of options.  Today, I ran the longer, more gradual side.  It takes about two minutes to climb and three to run back down at an easy pace.  The average grade is 5% and it's .3 miles long.  

I did a mile warm up, then 5 repeats at a 6:55-7:00 pace.  I ran down easy between each rep.  Then I did a mile cool down.  Running up the hill at that pace isn't easy, but not very challenging either so this workout wasn't too bad.  My main focus for this week is my weekend workouts so I'm hesitant to push too hard during the week.  This close to an Ironman, my long weekend workouts become key workouts and I make sure I don't push too hard during the week and ruin the long weekend workouts due to fatigue.

The elevation profile of today's run.
Workout 2: Low Zone 2 Bike.  3:01.  55 miles. 180 watts.

My final meeting of the day ran late so I didn't get out of work when I wanted to which means I couldn't get on the bike as early as planned.  When I got home it was raining and in the low 70s.  The radar showed plenty of rain on the way, and since I wouldn't be able to get on the bike when I wanted the final hour would be in the dark.  My light was charged and ready to roll, but I wasn't in the mood for a cold, rainy, dark ride so I opted to do my workout indoors.  So I watched the live feed from Kona 2010 and rode the trainer.  

My Tuesday evening rides aren't very structured and are typically pretty easy.  It's my day to ride the road bike and just be a cyclist and enjoy being on a bike.  I ride in the low end of my endurance zone and often ride to New Glarus and back.  If I'm feeling good, I attack a couple of the hills on the way back, but otherwise I keep it pretty easy.

Since I didn't have a structured ride planned and didn't have time to come up with one, I just rode the trainer at about 60% FTP.  No intervals.  Easy peasy.

I didn't finish my ride until almost 9 pm.  Then I ate some dinner, uploaded my workouts (and wrote this post) and soon it's off to bed.  The training today hasn't really taken a toll on me, but it's been a long day and I'm tired.

Daily Total:  3 hours 47 minutes.
Weekly Total:  4 hours 32 minutes

Tomorrow:  Lunch run and evening swim. 

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