Share a Build Week: Day 3

This morning was our marathon of a sales meeting.  We ended up ahead of schedule and got out of the meeting about 45 minutes early, so I headed out on my lunch run pretty close to my usual time. 

Workout 1: Run @ 75% max HR. 1 hour. 8.14 miles. 7:22 pace. Ave Hr: 143.

Today's route.
 I do and don't run by heart rate.  During the winter I run primarily by heart rate.  During the summer it's a mix of pace and heart rate.  I've tried running by heart rate in the summer, but the heat drives up your HR so I found that I was running a little too fast in the beginning and then too slow in the end just to keep my heart rate in the right zone.  So now I run by pace, but go for a pace that should put my average heart rate in the zone I'm after.  Basically, I try to set a pace that has my heart rate a little low in the beginning and a little high at the end so the average is right where I want it.  This seems to be a good compromise, and has been working for me.  

Today's run was really good.  My legs felt great, and I was comfortable at a 7:22 pace.  Toward the end my legs got a little fatigued, so that combined with my heart rate climbing from the heat and my perceived effort was greater than the beginning but not bad.  I never had to dig deep and had plenty left in the tank the whole time.

Workout 2: Swim.  1:15.  4500 yards.

The past few weeks we've been going up to Devil's Lake on Wednesdays for an open water swim.  I'm heading up there Friday evening with a friend, so I decided to stick to the pool today.  I went straight to the Y after work to get my workout in so I'd have some time to relax after dinner. 

Today's workout was pretty easy.  I figured I might be tired from my run so I scheduled a distance workout.  No hard intervals.  Just distance at a moderate, comfortable pace.

Warm Up

100 swim
100 kick
100 pull
100 kick

Main Set

4x1000 with 1 minute rest

Cool Down

100 easy

I swam all of the 1000s in 15:25-15:40, a 1:32-1:34 pace.  A while ago that was my 1000 yard PR, but today it was an easy, comfortable pace.  I'm not as fast as I want to be in the pool, but I'm happy with the progress I'm making this year.

Overall, today was a good training day.  I had a solid run, and while my swim was nothing special I got in some decent volume so I'm happy about that.

Today's Total:  2 hours 15 minutes
Weekly Total:  6 hours 47 minutes  

Tomorrow:  Brick workout.  Tempo bike, short easy run.

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