What happens in Florida....

...stays in Florida.

That sticker is on the door leading out to the pool at the Villa.

So I arrived yesterday afternoon. My ride circled the airport, didn't see me, figured he showed up on the wrong Thursday and went home. I called him up and convinced him to come back to get me. After picking me up, he took me to the race site to register and then we drove part of the race course. I wanted to see Sugarloaf Mountain. It's appropriately named. It barely qualifies as a hill. If you can't climb it you truly are a candy ass.

At the race site I was informed the forecasted high for Saturday is 90 degrees. Along with your transition bags, they give you a canister of salt tabs. That was a bit eye opening. I need to give my salt intake some more consideration today. I think I'm going to adjust my original strategy a bit and increase my sodium intake throughout the day. I may be in trouble if I stick with my original plan.

See the white bag in the middle? That's my wetsuit bag. They don't have volunteers to take care of your things in T1 & T2 like they do at Ironmans. I have to stuff my things in my transition bags myself. I'm not thrilled about having to do that in transition, but it's understandable. This is a small race and volunteer support is limited.

With that said, so far I'm very impressed with everything. For a small race that costs half as much as Ironman, they don't cut corners. It seems very well organized with plenty of support and even loads of free meals.



All I have left to do today is a very short, very easy warm up so my training is officially over. It started Jan 1, 2009. Here are the numbers:

Total Hours: 521
Swim Distance: 206,000 yards
Bike Distance: 5135 miles
Run Distance: 1173 miles

Last year's numbers - it's hard to compare because those were over a 12 month period.

Am I ready? I think so. You always look back and think you could've/should've done more. But I did what I could. I did the best I could. And tomorrow I will do the same. I will go out there with the best game plan I can come up with and give it everything I have. I will dig deep when needed and push myself to my limits and see what I'm capable of. It's all I can do.


Florida wildlife....

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That poster is awesome man.. it will attract many attention.. even I was confused..

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