It's Tri Season

Triathlon season is finally officially upon us. Most people I know are doing the Lake Mills sprint tri, which I wanted to do. But I opted to do the Rockman Half Ironman this weekend instead. I hope I'm ready.

To prepare, I did a long brick workout last Saturday which was brutal. I did 3 hours of tempo on the bike and then ran 5.5 very hilly miles. Then I did a long run on Sunday, and I was hurting on Monday...luckily Monday was a rest day.

Tuesday was tough. The first aquathon was last Thursday, and I swam the exact same time I did last year at the first aquathon so I was pretty disappointed in my swim. So Matt came up with a swim workout and met me at the Y after work and put a hurtin on me. It was the hardest hour I've ever spent in the pool.

But I needed it. I need to get in gear and improve my swim so it was a good thing. Wednesday was easy, and today is kind of a hard day. Not brutal and not long so I'll recover quickly and be ready for Sunday.

I did a tough hour in the pool this morning, which was especially hard since my shoulders are still tired from Tuesday. I hope they come around by Sunday, otherwise the swim is going to be slow. Later today I'm doing a 90 minute bike with 45 minutes of tempo and then I'll run about 5 miles easy afterwards.

Friday is a rest day. Saturday is a super easy warm up bike/run workout followed by a lazy afternoon saving my energy for Sunday.

The Rockman Half Iron isn't a high priority race for me so I'm not too worried about it. I'm using it for training and to test my fitness. Obviously, I'll go hard and do the best I can, but I'm not going to beat myself up if it doesn't go well.

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