Yesterday's ride

So.....in less than one week I have to give them my decision on CT. If I say no, the unemployment clock starts ticking during one of the worst times in history to be unemployed.

Someone said to me the other day, 'you don't seem like the type of guy who lets his job define him.'

You know what, she's right. I'm not. I've been thinking a lot about this these days, and all I really have to say right now is that I love palm trees and hot summers. I'm tired of winter and snow and ice and windchill factors. I'm tired of waiting until May for spring.

Here are a few pictures from my ride yesterday...

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Icarus Steve said...

Reading this post I can tell you made up your mind...and you're right...I'd never want to be defined by my title. I'd never aspire to being a Tool and Fastener buyer. Man, that sounds boring. Wait..that's my job.