This was on my desk when I got back from my lunch run. The note is hard to read, but it says "Canadians LOL"

Everyone is always laughing at those crazy Canadians....

I had a great tempo run today, which was encouraging because I haven't had the best training cycle this month. With my hamstring injury and trip to CT I've missed quite a few workouts. But today was my best tempo run ever so I guess I haven't lost my speed.

It's bike to work month. That means triple commuter points so this year I'm working on earning a free Garmin Forerunner 310XT.

For those unfamiliar, it's just like the Garmin I run with except it has a 20 hour battery life and it's waterproof. It's perfect for triathlons.

I'll miss triple commuter points. Whether I make the move or not, this is my last bike to work month at Pacific. It's a little sad really, because I've enjoyed working at PCI.

So it goes...

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Icarus Steve said...

I've been looking at the Garmin 305...it's on clearance everywhere. Good luck with your decision.